New Orleans: The Police State Petri-Dish

This isn’t sinkhole related – but it speaks to the corrupt political culture in Louisiana (not alone).

New Orleans Cancels Secret Pre-Crime Police Program After Media Exposure

” [Ali] Winston helped to uncover a secret predictive policing program that had been ongoing for 6 years by the New Orleans PD in cooperation with CIA-connected Palantir Technologies. The program had been designed to operate behind the cover of a philanthropic partnership orchestrated by political operative James Carville so as to avoid having to disclose the details to citizens and even to their elected representatives in the city council. “

Also – Pentagon and DARPA Seek Predictive A.I. to Uncover Enemy Thoughts

16 thoughts on “New Orleans: The Police State Petri-Dish

  1. Original Article that is being reported on in the Activist Post article:

    In May and June 2013, when New Orleans’ murder rate was the sixth-highest in the United States, the Orleans Parish district attorney handed down two landmark racketeering indictments against dozens of men accused of membership in two violent Central City drug trafficking gangs, 3NG and the 110ers. Members of both gangs stood accused of committing 25 murders as well as several attempted killings and armed robberies.

    Subsequent investigations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and local agencies produced further RICO indictments, including that of a 22-year-old man named Evans “Easy” Lewis, a member of a gang called the 39ers who was accused of participating in a drug distribution ring and several murders. –

    HEADLINE: Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology
    Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans that even city council members don’t know about
    By Ali Winston Feb 27, 2018, 3:25pm EST
    Illustrations by Garret Beard and Alex Castro

  2. In the early 1990s, when the murder rate in New Orleans was about 400 per day, and it was the highest in the nation, was right around the time Carlos Marcello died (1993) and the Russian mafia moved in. The casinos moved in too.

    • And it is all spooked up if you read about JFK assassination. Marcello book (Mafia Kingfish) said they brought heroin in thru those oil rigs off the coast.

      • I think KBR was mentioned.
        I only read 2 JFK books so I know it was that paperback. A real classic.
        N.O. is one of the most interesting cities in the world…. and corrupt from the old days of pirates.

  3. Sent in —

    Not the first time a Foundation brought computer tech in to solve NOLA crime problem via a Foundation.
    It was from NYC: : “In Giuliani’s first term as mayor, the New York City Police Department at the instigation of Commissioner Bill Bratton adopted an aggressive enforcement/deterrent strategy based on James Q. Wilson’s “Broken Windows” approach.[68] …. Bratton, with Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple, also created and instituted CompStat, a computer-driven comparative statistical approach to mapping crime geographically and in terms of emerging criminal patterns, as well as charting officer performance by quantifying criminal apprehensions.[69] Critics of the system assert that it creates an environment in which police officials are encouraged to underreport or otherwise manipulate crime data. An extensive study found a high correlation between crime rates reported by the police through CompStat and rates of crime available from other sources, suggesting there had been no manipulation.[70] The CompStat initiative won the 1996 Innovations in Government Award from the Kennedy School of Government.[71]”

    “60 Minutes aired a special on the new crime fighting technique, including Maple and Bratton.[1] Maple and Bratton became known as the Crime Fighting Kings.[1] Maple and one of Bratton’s aides, John Linder, founded a police consultant business and traveled around the country to help police departments with their crime problems.

    The New Orleans Police Foundation, a group concerned about crime and police ineffectiveness in New Orleans, hired Maple and Linder for $1 million in consulting fees.[1] New Orleans’ per-capita murder rate was five times that of New York, with almost one person murdered each day. In 1994, Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes did a segment called “NOPD Blues” and branded New Orleans as “the number 1 city in the nation for police brutality and corruption”.[1]

    Maple implemented COMPSTAT in New Orleans.[8] In 1996, crime statistics in New Orleans went down 22 percent in nine months and kept going down for four and half years. In late 1997, Ed Bradley returned to New Orleans for another 60 Minutes special. He did a glowing report, reporting that with COMPSTAT in New Orleans, it is becoming one of the safest cities in America.[1]”

    The COMPSTAT was based on geography GIS whereas the new one is a much more dangerous personal interconnections… a sort of policing FACEBOOK.

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