A Note to All Preppers from FC

The Bugle hasn’t has news or updates due to our getting caught in a giant hurricane and having computer trashed and having regional internet service utility trashed too.

FC is OK but The Bugle will not have regular posts for some more months as the internet goes in and out. That said, we just would like all of our prepper friends to know these watch words from sad experience.






Again – water goes away a lot faster than food. For 1 person in a house 6 cases is just not enough. 4 cases makes a nice table and you can put a table cloth over it. A storm or hurricane wrecking water tanks, infrastructure causes such a long water outage you will need every drop. And forget that out-of-date stamp. You will be fine drinking 2 year old bottled water. Boiling water uses lots of cooking gas so all is best if you have the bottled water on hand in advance of any bad event or weather.

The utility shut water down way earlier than the hurricane hit so my plan to fill lots of stored bottles went awry. They have to not let all the water go low to hold the sides of the water tanks up against storm force.

So go buy some water this week. Make tables out of it.

9 thoughts on “A Note to All Preppers from FC

  1. Rare small earthquake reported off of Padre Island
    The earthquake that was reported happened at the edge of the continental shelf,” she said. “We don’t know what could have happened but it could be possible something shifted.”

    M 3.0 – 103km ENE of South Padre Island, Texas
    2017-12-16 18:15:51 UTC 16.6 km depth

    • Yes, I saw it today. I have rare connection today as my internet is still out. Sorry for missed comments. They should go straight in and not need “approval”.
      I hope to back to normal in January.

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  3. Here is some prepper news –
    This weekend NYC had a large electric blackout.
    Many people jumped in to help with traffic control as the streetlights went out.
    NYC is a vertical city and city streets have much more traffic than smaller towns and traffic control is very needed. NYPD went missing.
    Check out this ABC 7 (local) coverage ….

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