Loose barge hits pipeline in lake in St. Bernard Parish – huge fire

[Thursday event]

NOLA.com – Fire erupts over Lake Lery after loose barge hits pipeline in St. Bernard Parish
There were no immediate reports on injuries

UPDATE: Unified Command responds to natural gas pipeline explosion at Lake Lery

LINK – https://youtu.be/_uo3bkxdR_w

17 thoughts on “ Loose barge hits pipeline in lake in St. Bernard Parish – huge fire

    • Thank You! Your information is greatly appreciated. Followed you since the very beginning of the sinkhole from hell. Stay Strong. ☮️
      1 more thing… any info about draining water from Louisiana to drought stricken areas of the West? I’ll share 2 links the first posted in June 2023 & the 2nd posted in September 2022.



      My sister lives in St. Francisville not far from the river. This past week the river has gone down so much that boats can no longer dock at the Restruant/Bar much less barges get thru. The very next day her husband goes back as he does every day & says the river has lowered even more! I have a picture of the first day it was noticed. I asked to please take pictures daily so we can compare. Then I just so happen to come across the 2 links I left here! I told my sister… when they’re out talking about it… no matter what it is, know this, they’ve BEEN doing it! 1 link dated this past June, the 2nd link this month! No one can tell me they’ve not been working on this for a long time now! 1 more thing… please read the article! Especially the first! Omg… Officials saying Louisiana don’t need all that water anyway! When hurricanes hit it floods everywhere, as in “Katrina”! What comes out of these idiots mouths is SO ALARMING!!!
      Much Love & Respect ☮️

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