What’s Going On at LA14??

It doesn’t look like the usual work truck/drilling graph to us. What is going on? (They are doing lots of work on the south berm etc. but these spikes look like seismic activity. Work trucks and drilling are more ‘solid’.)





Freedomrox says it is work trucks etc.


11 thoughts on “What’s Going On at LA14??

  1. The activity of LA 14 has increased this evening.  LA 15’s graph is just a vertical bar and a horizontal bar for the entire day.  LA 16’s graph consists of intermittent activity for the entire day.
    Residents must be reading this blog. as this blog. does a better job at completely informing the reader about the great sinkhole catastrophe than the people required to do the informing.  Resident, are you noticing ground vibrations?  Are you noticing unusually heavy activity?  Are you detecting a heavier gas smell in the air?  Are you under some kind of gag order? More important issues are transpiring than you are aware of.  This attitude of, “eh, they’ll figure something out,” is not producing positive gains. Complaceny breeds inaction! These lackadaisical people will get away with whatever you allow.
    The entire nation could suffer from the events at Bayou Corne.

    Flyingcuttlefish, can you please convert these .gif files to images.  Pictures speak volumes.  Thank you.

    LA 12 Helicorder 08.08.13

    LA 14 Helicorder 08.08.13

  2. The rest of the the activity is dozers and dump trucks. TB is demanding that the berms be finished by tomorrow, which of course is foolish, since 8″ of subsidence was measured on the Southern Berm since last night.

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