On the big oil price drop 📉- discussion with oil geologist and industry analyst, Art Berman + Mich. Flooding News (in comments)

Bad news may loom as he explains – oil wells cannot be turned off then on as simply as a light switch –

James Howard Kunstler Chatting with Art Berman about Trouble in the Oil Patch


🎙 Audio file  

NEWS – in Comments – Mich. flooding, dam breaks sending DOW chemical pollution downriver







21 thoughts on “On the big oil price drop 📉- discussion with oil geologist and industry analyst, Art Berman + Mich. Flooding News (in comments)

  1. This from an e-mail list – – –

    Last night the Edenville Dam on the Tittabawassee River in Midland County was breached after huge amounts of rainfall fell in a short period of time. Evacuations are underway, and the damage already seems to be massive. It is expected that downtown Midland will see 9 feet of water today and as one friend explained:

    “The waters are inundating the Dow holding ponds, the company’s wastewater plant and the City of Midland wastewater plant, sending a horrid mix down the Tittabawassee. I don’t know how much more fear and anxiety people can take.”

    This disaster highlights several ongoing issues in our state: climate change contributing to huge precipitation events; deteriorating dams/infrastructure that despite years of clear identification of the problems have not been fixed (see Bridge article below); and the new, likely massive contamination of the waters flowing through this flood, adding to the enormous amount of contamination historically in the Tittabawassee River and depositing toxics on floodplains as well as carrying them downstream, ultimately to Saginaw Bay.

    I am just raising these because these part of the huge challenge we in Michigan face in stopping and reversing the undermining of environmental protection, compounded by the devastation of the pandemic and related economic challenges.



  2. Mid-Michigan dam that failed was cited for years for safety violations

    ” . . . The dam’s failure following heavy rains prompted a massive evacuation of thousands in mid-Michigan that was ongoing Tuesday night, and torrents of water threatened another dam and triggered the immediate evacuation in and around Midland.

    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced plans to declare a state of emergency after rising water from heavy rains punched a huge hole in the Edenville dam which holds back Wixom Lake from the Tittabawassee River.”

    • ok — but looking around at damage …. very near her neck of the woods. The river is already very polluted with dioxin etc. from the chemical plant.

  3. I asked him to fly around DOW Chemical to survey the grounds. There are people down stream that would like to know the plants conditions.

    Watch “Sanford and Wixom Flood 2020 – Drone – Dam Collapse” on YouTube.

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