Bernie Sanders Strongly Supported Burying Vermont Nuclear Waste in Texas Despite Opposition; Poor Communities Beware (Includes Transcript)

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Please read this post carefully. If you find this behavior reprehensible, we urge Bernie supporters to find another candidate before it is too late, and for everyone to spread the word.

Bernie Sanders knows that nuclear is dangerous, yet he had no qualms about sending Vermont’s nuclear waste cross country to be buried in Texas. Rather he said: “I rise in strong support of H.R. 629. Mr. Chairman, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act and its 1985 amendments make commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal a State and not a Federal responsibility“. Sanders then goes on to make false claims that Texas is geologically appropriate for burial, and that Vermont is not. When it helped him get shot of Vermont nuclear waste to Texas, he said it can’t be left on site: “Leaving the radioactive waste at the site where it was produced, despite the fact that that…

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New Madrid Shakes

Before It’s News Sign of the Times: Mt. Rainier and the New Madrid Fault Zone Were Both Just Hit by Significant Earthquakes

“Mt. Rainier and the New Madrid fault zone are both shaking, and a catastrophic seismic event at either location would cause death and destruction on an unimaginable scale….” (more)

Watching Storms in Gulf of Mexico


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Louisiana Hurricane Watch; Storm Surge Watch; Levees & Nuclear Power Station(s) At Risk

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Everyone should worry about this storm due to potentially weakened levees and nuclear power stations along the Mississippi river. Any levee failures will be the fault of the Trump Administration/MRC, and perhaps Trump himself, as surely as if they/he had blown up the levee, because they/he refused to open the Morganza Spillway. The final say for opening the Morganza lies with Trump appointee and head of the MRC (Mississippi River Commission) Richard Kaiser.

Waterford Nuclear Power Station and Storm surge watch. Waterford is protected by a levee — a levee which may have been weakened by Trump-MRC-Richard Kaiser’s failure to open the Morganza spillway and by the extra water flow going to the Bonnet Carre, which faces Waterford NPS. The Mississippi River wants to go toward the Atchafalaya, which means through the Waterford nuclear power station. That’s the purpose of the river control structure, upriver from the power station…

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