Louisiana Hurricane Watch; Storm Surge Watch; Levees & Nuclear Power Station(s) At Risk

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Everyone should worry about this storm due to potentially weakened levees and nuclear power stations along the Mississippi river. Any levee failures will be the fault of the Trump Administration/MRC, and perhaps Trump himself, as surely as if they/he had blown up the levee, because they/he refused to open the Morganza Spillway. The final say for opening the Morganza lies with Trump appointee and head of the MRC (Mississippi River Commission) Richard Kaiser.

Waterford Nuclear Power Station and Storm surge watch. Waterford is protected by a levee — a levee which may have been weakened by Trump-MRC-Richard Kaiser’s failure to open the Morganza spillway and by the extra water flow going to the Bonnet Carre, which faces Waterford NPS. The Mississippi River wants to go toward the Atchafalaya, which means through the Waterford nuclear power station. That’s the purpose of the river control structure, upriver from the power station…

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Not related … but of interest – Jim Bean 🤧
40,000 Whiskey Barrels Ablaze As Fire Rages Through Jim Beam’s Kentucky Warehouses

“The warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky and caught fire around 11:30 PM Tuesday night. 40 firefighters from five counties responded and a second warehouse also caught fire, but was later contained.”

LINK – https://youtu.be/4sz3qY_6xX8

New Orleans Times-PicayuneJames Gill: These brainy scientists set out to save Louisiana’s coast. They may wind up in jail.

Giant squid in Gulf of Mexico, video

“The monster of the deep comes in for a closer look at their underwater camera. It’s estimated this particular specimen was up to 3.7 metres long.”

Dire Prediction for Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’

Gulf of Mexico’s oxygen devoid ‘dead zone’ could hit near-record 8,000 square miles this year, shocking report reveals

  • NOAA says the low-oxygen  area is likely to cover about 7,800 square miles 
  • This is in large part due to high spring rainfall, carrying fertilizer downriver
  • Nutrients feed algae, which die and decompose on sea floor, using up oxygen
  • The record set in 2017 is 8,776 square miles (22,700 square kilometers)


I forgot all about this in all the talk about midwest floods … FC

Is ETP’s Bayou Bridge Pipeline why they are Failing to Open the Morganza Spillway?

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CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren, gave over $100,000 to Trump’s campaign. Energy Transfer Partners, of Dakota Access Pipeline notoriety, is majority owner (60%), as well as operator, of the recently completed Bayou Bridge II Pipeline from Lake Charles to St. James Parish, Louisiana, which passes through the Atchafalaya basin. http://web.archive.org/web/20190321001745/https://www.energytransfer.com/ops_bayou_bridge.aspx https://archive.li/hLBsj It connects to Bayou Bridge I pipeline, which runs from Nederland, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Is this the “private property” that the Army Corps says that it’s concerned about, when discussing their failure to open the Morganza Spillway, while private and public property along the Mississippi is allowed to flood, and shipping, farmland, and industry to be (currently) impacted, and over a million lives put at risk, if the levees fail? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/06/08/operation-of-the-morganza-floodway-again-postponed-with-apparently-serious-repercussions-down-river/


Severe flooding, river scour, and river channel migration are the types of unusual operating conditions that can adversely affect the…

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