Revisiting BP’s synthetic lifeform

We have a reason to revisit this important topic:

MORE on BP’s synthetic lifeform (let loose in the Gulf)

Please re-read it if you haven’t already.

Related – Australian TV (not CBS show) –

60 Minutes:   Crude Solution – Part 1
When petroleum giant BP spilled millions of litres of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico three years ago, it was the worst ever offshore oil disaster. Now, this environmental disaster has become a health catastrophe.

– – It says Corexit + oil increases its toxicity 52 fold!


12 thoughts on “Revisiting BP’s synthetic lifeform

  1. I am not a biochemist, so my opinion holds little weight, but I have seen the videos of the mutated bacterium in the Gulf since just after Macondo. What I do know is the Whiting and Biloxi Salt Domes are all interconnected to theri counterparts on land, all of which have been infiltrated extensively, and the pathway does exist for even more horrid things to travel within the network.

  2. What our government not telling you.
    A drug house or dope house and black mold and a toxic community from that drug house.
    there isn’t any medicine that can cure a black mold infection, the best thing to do is to get the one that is sick out of the house and the dope house where the mold coming from.
    What is the types of Toxic Black Mold Symptoms ?
    What is Stachybotrys ?

  3. From my research, Synthia was originally used to get oil out of rock by making it more slippery and viscous. The by-product of this life form–think yeast–is CO2.

    Imaginary scenario–but what if, all the Synthia pumped underground, before the BP oil spill is still underground–pumping out CO2. That might cause all this methane and petrol products to constantly be pushed up–that is what it was designed to do, create pressure to push oil out of rock.

    Now back to the “black-mold” comment–In my experience, you burn the place down to get rid of black mold! But if we get smart real fast, we might be able to design our way out of this mess.

    As it stands, we have a carbon destroying bacteria in all our oceans and underground–multiplying without restraint. Pumping out CO2 which we cannot breath.

    I don’t know who will be able to inhabit this planet if this situation isn’t checked, but it wont be US!

    • I am calling it ‘GM’ because I haven’t verified what the artificial bacteria is. It may be something other than Synthia.
      But same idea. They use the Gulf as a petri dish and cannot put the smoke back in the bottle!

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