Not to be outdone – China has the largest sinkhole cluster 🐉

Chinese Scientists Discover Group of 19 Massive Caverns Around Underground River

“Researchers claim that the group of giant caves is one of the largest sinkhole clusters found in the country, in comparison with the world’s largest sinkhole cluster, also located in China.”


Mystery burning “hole” in Ark.

Strange Sounds Is this mysterious burning hole in Midway, Arkansas a gateway to hell?

“Geologists think it wasn’t caused by a meteorite or lightning strike:

“I can’t think of any geologic situation that would allow that to happen. Not in this area. There’s not any fossil fuels, or natural gas or petroleum that occurs in the area.“”


2018 – On Flaming Holes Opening in the Ground




Not related … but of interest – Jim Bean 🤧
40,000 Whiskey Barrels Ablaze As Fire Rages Through Jim Beam’s Kentucky Warehouses

“The warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky and caught fire around 11:30 PM Tuesday night. 40 firefighters from five counties responded and a second warehouse also caught fire, but was later contained.”


New Orleans Times-PicayuneJames Gill: These brainy scientists set out to save Louisiana’s coast. They may wind up in jail.

Giant squid in Gulf of Mexico, video

“The monster of the deep comes in for a closer look at their underwater camera. It’s estimated this particular specimen was up to 3.7 metres long.”

On Midwest Floods, Media Silence and Weather Manipulation Topic

NOTE: Because the Midwest floods are so massive and originated in such an unusual way we are doing separate post on the topic. But going to look up familiar videos of peculiar clouds and sky scenes from channels dedicated to just that topic we find Google has recently banned the whole topic. When you look  up the popular tag “strange skies” the only results that show up are from CBS and NBC etc. and do not include anything strange at all.

ALSO: The media is stunningly silent on floods affecting US and Canada agriculture, destroying the whole growing season for most farmers.  This should be headline news for continuous days. Instead, it’s the same old celebrity worship garbage featured across all commercial platforms.

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Aerial view of the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Nebraska


Some headlines from Strange Sounds


video from Jan.2019






BPEarthWatch – New Tropical Models/Mississippi River/Atchafalaya/ 5 Days Left!



World Famine Begins. Weather Wars



‘Under An Ionized Sky’ – Elana Freeland



These videos are sure to be banned soon – so download any you like using this free tool –

Louisville zoo closes after SINKHOLE the size of a FOOTBALL FIELD forms just after M3.4 earthquake in Tenn.


This is from Strange Sounds –

“Officials are still determining what caused a massive sinkhole that was discovered Wednesday morning at the Louisville Zoo.”


Weirdie – New York’s “Blue Light” Sky Power Outage and Nationwide Anamolies

flying cuttlefish picayune

Last week this “blue light” story lit up the internet with dazzling photos of so-called transformer explosion that caused a power outage and brief closure of LaGuardia Airport.

Reader, KM. sent in news about the pre-dawn explosion in Kenner, Louisiana and strange sparks there – VIDEO.

Those 2 events are a little exotic, but power companies often have bad-maintenance-blow-outs. Then The Dark Journalist pointed out those could be related to these other weird things happening at once:

  • A so-called cyber attack stopped leading newspapers from printing across the country
  • TelCo and internet provider, CenturyLink had a total meltdown and stopped providing service to millions of customers. They offer vague explanations for what went wrong.
  • ATMs in Cambridge malfunctioned Dec. 27th also as well as other computer malfunctions.

Dark Journalist noted the compartmentalization of the news items and the non-reporting of the Kenner powerline explosion outside Louisiana. Oddly, the…

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