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At 1:37 a.m. there was fluid movement at Lake FUBAR. It shows on LA12‘s monitor.

We are watching the storm in the gulf.  NOAA:

Shower and thunderstorm activity associated with a weak low
pressure area located over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico has
increased during the past few hours. Some additional development is
possible before the system moves inland over southern Texas and
northern Mexico on Thursday.

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FLUID MOVEMENT AGAIN at 3:45 a.m.   heli_button .  Later some sloshing at LA10 –   might be from this this 5.2 Guatemala earthquake.

Aug. 23 – Geologists’ convention to draw 1,000 to Cajundome [Lafayette]

“Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in several one-day courses on topics ranging from reservoir fluid analysis, to advanced techniques for interpreting seismic data. There will also be field trips to locales including the Wax Lake Delta and the recently formed and expanding sinkhole at Bayou Corne, as well as a chance to see how Lafayette’s population growth is impacting policies related to local land and water use. Short courses and field trips will take place the weekend before the convention, and all are led by recognized experts from academia and the petroleum and environmental industries.”

TRIP #3: The Use of Louisiana Salt Domes and Associated Geological Difficulties — Exploration, Production, and Storage

St. John Parish – Deadly, brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water system

Utah – Magnum Awards Boart Longyear Drilling Contract for Natural Gas Liquids Storage Project

BoartLongyear, the world’s leading integrated exploration drilling services, equipment and performance tooling provider, has been awarded a contract on August 1, 2014 for drilling services at the Magnum NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) Storage Projectat central Utah’s Western Energy Hub.

Magnumis building the first underground salt cavern NGLs storage facility in the Rocky Mountain region at the site, located 10 miles north of Delta.Development will include the construction of solution-mined storage caverns in a salt domeapproximately 3,000 feet below the natural surface.Initially, thefacility will featuretwo caverns each capable of storing between 1 and 2 million barrels (mmbbl) of natural gas liquids (NGLs) such as propane and butane. . . .


Iceland Shakes – A LOT! < UPDATED


They say Iceland is calming down as far as that volcano goes – but there was 5.7 quake there today.

LATER – BBC: Iceland volcano: Magma moving towards new volcanic system

The magma from Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano could be moving towards another large volcanic system.

Data recorded by a team from the University of Cambridge suggests that 50 million cubic metres of molten rock has moved in the last 24 hours.

If it continues on a northern trajectory it could feed into the Askja volcanic system, potentially triggering a large eruption. . . .

Bardarbunga volcano rumbles to life following 5.7 magnitude earthquake: Eruption may disrupt air travel industry

They seem to be doing some work at Lake FUBAR making the usual machine noises on the helicorders. So wait til quittin’ time to see what is really happening.


Iceland calm down story has evaporated.

9:20 a.m. Reported Odor Being Investigated


Stay tuned ….

Originally posted on Assumption Parish Police Jury:

Assumption OEP is currently investigating reports of a hydrocarbon-like odor in the Pierre Part community. This odor does not seem to be related to the sinkhole (no burp has taken place to produce such an odor). Updates will be provided accordingly regarding this situation.

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6M N. Calif. Quake + Weekend News + Methane Seep


Oklahoma Has 20 earthquakes in One Day < frack quakes

A little hiccup after 7:15 a.m. Saturday at Lake FUBAR. Then lots of fluid movement around 6 p.m. … LA12 shows it.

6.4 quake in Chile plus a lot of activity in Iceland. USGS live quake list.

Strange Sounds asks, “Did you  experience rumbling noises and see strange blue light flashes in Mississippi on  August 17” ? Reply to them if you did.

NOTE: Lake Peigneur has begun bubbling again. News and photos about it added to the Thurs. post. [Scroll down]


At 6 A.M. Lake FUBAR shows huge activity on all the monitors. Is it from this shallow 6.0 California quake?

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LA12 shows it -


The Watchers – Strong, shallow and extremely dangerous earthquake M6.0 hit San Francisco Bay Area, California

It knocked out electricity in Napa – LA Times report.

6:21 P.M. CST: Giant 6.9 quake in Peru

The USGS shows one big quake in Peru. RSOE shows three6.8, 7.0, 7.0.

   Thanks to Walter for the tip - ;)

A half hour later the ANF map shows a 5.4 quake at the top of Canada in the NW Territory.
At 68.2358 N, -99.4608 W. But the USGS doesn’t have it.


NY TimesMethane Is Discovered Seeping From Seafloor Off East Coast, Scientists Say

Scientists have discovered methane gas bubbling from the seafloor in an unexpected place: off the East Coast of the United States where the continental shelf meets the deeper Atlantic Ocean.
The methane is emanating from at least 570 locations, called seeps, from near Cape Hatteras, N.C., to the Georges Bank southeast of Nantucket, Mass.  . . .


LA18 Puts Lampshade on its Head Thursday + Lake Peigneur Bubbles Anew(!)

Fun to look at … but the sharp spikes may just be an air gun test or something.

LA18 in the morning

LA18 in the afternoon



From Save Lake Peigneur -

Lake Peigneur Bubbling Aug 21 2014

Bubbling continues at Lake Peigneur. The DNR & AGL Resources were notified of some unfortunate changes in the bubbling phenomena. We have had a few bubbling events over the summer however, yesterday’s event indicated significant changes. About Lake Peigneur
Most of the previous bubbling events ran in linear east/west movement.

Yesterday the bubbling ran north/south and irregular lines. After discussion with the AGL contact the company will also monitor activities in our process to determine the cause of the bubbling.


Iceland Watch + Wed. News

Fearing eruption, Iceland evacuates area near rumbling volcano

“It cannot be ruled out that the seismic activity in Bardarbunga could lead to a volcanic eruption.”
“. . . . Einar Einarsson, a meteorologist at Iceland’s Met Office, said earthquakes were happening practically every minute and seismic activity was constant.”

Iceland volcano: Bardarbunga warning upgraded as airlines fear repeat of 2010 ‘ash cloud crisis’

. . . The Met Office said in a statement there were “strong indications of ongoing magma movement

A huge volcano in Iceland may be getting ready to erupt  < has maps

UPDATE, Aug. 23

BBC – Code Red

Since larger earthquakes from every which way seem to set Lake FUBAR off into heavy-duty-washer-cycle mode we are watching Iceland – FC

Oklahoma frack-quakes are getting really big, besides being constant. They may affect Lake FUBAR too. 4.2 quake yesterday.

Detailed report: Bayou Corne residents get financial relief for sinkhole

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Texas Brine has a newish fact sheet out.

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