Volcano RED ALERT for Idaho Turns Out to be a Hoax + Wed. News + New Fly Over

CORRECTION: This item (next paragraph) has origins with famous internet hoaxer, Sorcha Faal.  It is a fake story. SORRY, EVERYBODY!

A warning issued today by the Ministry of the Russian Federal for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) has advised the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) that a “Red Alert” status level for the Borah Peak Mountain in Idaho (North America/United States) may be warranted in the coming weeks due to increased volcanic-seismic activity detected by both ground and satellite observations.

LINK – http://youtu.be/bTMWjqFCFZA

LOTS of news about Idaho quakes added to our Yellowstone page today . . . .

AIG Says Sinkholes Fell Outside Texas Brine Policy Period

National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA et al v. Texas Brine Company, LLC

AIG Says Sinkholes Fell Outside Texas Brine Policy Period

Law360, New York (April 14, 2014, 6:52 PM ET) — Two American International Group Inc. units on Monday asked a federal judge to find they have no duty to cover salt producer Texas Brine Co. in litigation over the company’s alleged responsibility for a potentially dangerous 2012 Louisiana sinkhole that led to forced evacuations.
National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. and American International Specialty Lines Insurance Co. said in a complaint filed in Texas federal court that Texas Brine’s claim seeking coverage for alleged loss and damage claims filed by multiple claimants, mostly pending. . . .

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Strange Sounds – Ohio is the first state to regulate the fracking-earthquake connection

Jumping Jack Flash has a lot of explosion news (more than the usual).

Fly Over – lest than 1 min. 20 seconds ….

LINK -  http://youtu.be/YBrn8rKGx5o

Severe Weather Warning/Flood Warning + Monday News

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING - Assumption Parish & others

FLOOD WARNING – Assumption Parish & others

Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA
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Save Lake Peigneur has a new appeal -  Please help with Senator Fred Mills SB584 and 585 to save Lake Peigneur that goes before Senate Natural Resources this week.
You can get contact info on the important people dealing with this on last week’s post. Your calls matter!

 Monday evening – after 6 p.m. (quittin’ time) some high-fuzz appears on some  helicorders but not all of them. No idea what it could be.

Heli_ANIIt goes on into TUESDAY . . .  unabated . . . 


Weekend News



Fluid Movement at 1 a.m. – shown well on LA12 but on most monitors. It calmed down. Then . . .

HUGE Fluid Movement after 3 p.m. Saturday that lasted over 2 hours! It was on most of the monitors but not all of them. Oddly, it was on the bottom borehole only at LA10 and on the upper borehole only at LA17. It showed a lot at LA12, 18 and 19.




At 4:42 p.m. a large TWANG went off at LA21.
2.7 quake at Englewood, Tennessee < has map

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Ohio geologists link small quakes to fracking

WBRZ – Pipeline owner seeks OK for pipeline abandonment

MONROE – Federal regulators have denied a request from American Midstream Partners to speed up consideration of its proposed abandonment of the Midla natural gas pipeline in Louisiana and Mississippi.
On Friday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission refused to shorten the objection period for people opposed to the abandonment. . . .

Accident-Waiting-To-Happen Dept.:


LOTS of sudden fluid movement at Lake FUBAR. It is shown well at LA10-03 (deepest borehole). It looks the same on the monitor as the chart shown above.

Late at night LA12 helicorder wouldn’t show and this error message came up. folkworm_error

Bayou Corne has a New Fly Over from On Wings of Care


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Friday News

All sorts of sloshing around Lake FUBAR from 3-4 a.m. – see helicorders (any). It looks like it is from the South American earthquakes. Or the giant quake in New Guinea.

Darrell Goad says these big jumps might be South American quakes too-

LINK -  http://youtu.be/1m0ww6E8UWI

NOTE: You can use the Go Green Army page to see the latest on bills being brought in the state legislature etc..

. . . and Now the BAD News —

WVUE – Reports of rumbling, shaking across Southwest Louisiana

By Michael Cooper

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) – Starting around noon on Wednesday, KPLC began receiving reports about rumblings felt across Southwest Louisiana.

Viewers from DeRidder, Dry Creek, Elton, Gillis, Iowa, Kinder, Oberlin, Lacassine, LeBleu Settlement, Longville, Moss Bluff, Westlake, Oakdale, Pitkin, Ragley and Reeves said they felt their houses shake, windows rattle or heard loud booms. Some also said the same thing happened on Monday.

Kamreon Moreau, of Oberlin, said her house began shaking around 11:50 a.m. and that it lasted only a few seconds.

The United States Geological Survey has no record of an earthquake in Louisiana today but the USGS sensors don’t usually detect earthquakes under 2.5 magnitude.

You can view the USGS earthquake map HERE or by going to http://on.doi.gov/1el1I9M

NOTE: Very large quakes going on in Central America and Chile . . .  Nic_QuakesAp11


2.3 quake in Quitman, Arkansas

WEIRDNESS: Mysterious rumbling along [west] coast wasn’t earthquake, experts say

This is about California, not Louisiana – 10 Terrifying Lessons From the LA Seismologist’s Reddit AMA

. . .  We added new items to that post about Yellowstone Park . . .


Rare Good News Thursday

Parish assessor wins salt dome ruling – $500K more in property taxes to be collected yearly

” . . .  He [Attorney Brian Eddington, who handled the case for the parish]  said probably the biggest of these other cases is in Assumption Parish where a sinkhole, linked to another salt dome cavern, has eaten homes and threatened a major highway. That sinkhole covers more than 29 acres and is continuing to expand.Eddington said 13 salt caverns exist in Assumption Parish and locals have been largely kept in the dark about them until now. . .  “

” . . .  [St. Landry Tax Assessor Rhyn Duplechain ]  Duplechain said six taxing districts cover the area where the salt dome caverns are located. They will now share in the $1.3 million in escrow as well as the added $500,000 a year. . . “

Good. They got a pot of money. Now they can put up live cams around Lake FUBAR and make the feed available to the public.


Thanks to community input the Awful Bill was stopped, sort of. It was delayed til next week. Sent in: “This bill was put off until next week. They must have chickened out!  “

The AdvocateJudge grants preliminary OK in sinkhole settlement

Tuesday News

The Advocate - Residents settle for $48 million in sinkhole lawsuit

KATC – Texas Brine reaches Bayou Corne sinkhole settlement

Mother JonesResidents Displaced by Massive Sinkhole Reach $48 Million Settlement With Mining Company

Thanks to Net Vibes for news links;)

Deborah Dupré – La. Sinkhole Nat’l Sacrifice Zone: Energy Refugees Settle, $48M

Washington PostVance McAllister is part of a long line of scandalized Louisiana politicians. A VERY long line.

The Advocate  – Court ruling may lead to higher taxes for salt caverns

“Some cavern owners like Dow, however, have claimed they followed the law, arguing the caverns are land confused, which means it’s not their job to report.”

The Parish Blog has an update. They are still on Code 1.

Stop an Awful Bill on Tuesday

Sent in: Please be aware that Rep. Robideaux’s HB862 takes away power from local governments.

Tomorrow, April 8,  HB 862 will be going before committee. This bill takes away the rights of local government and allows decision making concerning coastal management by the state. 


“How many parishes are aware of this bill which takes their decision making away? Why was this bill created? What has failed previously that this bill is required.

I appeal to you to contact your representatives today to stop this bill from moving forward if you want to protect your local government’s and our rights as citizens.”

Contact these four state senators who are “undecided”, and urge them to vote AGAINST SB 553 because it puts Louisiana citizens in harm’s way.  No law should be retroactive.

Sen A.J. Crowe (985) 643-3600                E-mail crowea ‘at legis.la.gov

Sen Dan Morrish (337) 824-3979                E-mail morrishd ‘at’ legis.la.gov

Sen Jonathan P. Perry (337) 643-6425        E-mail perryj ‘at’ legis.la.gov

Sen Conrad Appel (504) 838-5550                E-mail appelc ‘at’ legis.la.gov

You can call after hours if you wish and leave a message


Please support Bills by Senator Fred H. Mills to protect us from another Lake Peigneur type disaster by contacting your legislators.


  • SB584 SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.
  • SB585 MINERALS:  Requires public notice for certain solution-mined cavern permits in Vermilion and Iberia parishes.