How the Great Louisiana Sinkhole came to be.

By Freedomrox

How the disaster happened, geological evidence and some probable suppositions, and my rendering.

Step 1: TB mill out 1500+ psi between 2380 ft.-2480 ft. (Middle 2010) It is possible that a packer did not hold and high pressure waters also flowed into Oxy 3, over-powering the cavern’s 1,000 ft. bottom portion laying on Shale Sheath, fracturing it.

Step 2: Nascent Down thrown fault block damaged or a portion shatters due to mill out breaching the salt and shale sheath, setting off localized faults.

Step 3: Faults send seismic waves in all directions, damaging the shale sheath further, and forming a Disturbed Rock Column, (December 2010, when some seismic activity was first reported by residents)

Step 4: Bottom of Oxy 3 cavern laying upon the shale sheath fails and a geologic explosion occurs, creating the lower Disturbed Rock Column. Seismic waves intensify diverting methane to bubbling spots, until finally the two DRZ’s meet and on Aug. 3rd completed the connection, and the earth and rock gave way, thereby expressing the ‘Sinkhole’



(Disclaimer: This is an account of surface and sub-surface geology as known at the time, and the records discovered at LDNR SONRIS, as well as the testimony in writing of Mark Cartwright, and all evidence discovered to date by Mr. Don Marlin…I did not have my head stuck down 5000 ft., so no one can actually say precisely what happened. This is just an aid to get your head to wrap around it.)

29 thoughts on “How the Great Louisiana Sinkhole came to be.

    • If a mile below isn’t enough for you Walter, and the fact that all oil and gas bearings sands abut and now seemingly are running up the side of the Salt Wall from depths as much as 14,000 ft. below, then I can only say, “Stick your head down there, and come back and give us all a report.”

  1. I’m reminded once again of the 3.0 EQ that hit on August 1st, 2010.

    Which happens to be the same time frame of the rumors of subs from other countries in the area to hit MC252 with a nuke in an attempt to plug the mess BP made, which I don’t know whether or not is accurate.

    Oh what a tangled web they wove :O

  2. freedomrox
    1 Mile in feet: is 5280 feet.
    Those quakes at the sinkhole are deeper them a mile or seismic activity.
    So stick your head down that sinkhole and tell me.
    Is there a hot spot next to the salt dome or part of that salt dome ?
    Just how deep is the mother salt deposit ?
    Just what type of rock is under the mother salt deposit ?
    Is it Igneous rock ?
    Is it basalt or obsidian magma rock ?
    There three types or classes of rock Sedimentary , Metamorphic and Igneous.

    • When this sink hole first began they when into one of those cavern and they made a seismic images I have never seen that report, freedomrox if you’re sitting on that report how about letting us see it.

      • Walter, just go to SONRIS and take a look. I released Oxy 2 in a couple of my articles. I dig all of this up, only to have folks forget, and then ask me to do so on command? I think not. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

    • Don Marlin, “He also suggested the dissolution of salt from the salt dome and its caprock could be releasing gas naturally trapped in the crystallized salt.”

      Precisely what I have been saying all along. This will not end in our lifetimes.

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