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Before It’s News – RADCON 5 Alert: Louisiana

A RADCON 5 Alert has been issued in Shreveport Louisiana as shared in the screenshots from the NETC below. Is this continual spike of radiation levels across the USA due to Fukushima? (more)

A Huge Sinkhole Keeps Expanding, Swallowing a Bayou

From the Parish blog – for residents –
REMINDER:  In observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Evacuation Assistance checks will be distributed on Wednesday, Nov 27 this week at the Command Trailer.  We will return to the normal Thursday schedule next week.

WWLTV – How safe are Louisiana’s underground pipelines? < has video

On retired Lt. General Russel Honoré – MAGINNIS: Coming Clash of the Green Armies

Three decades later, Iberia Parish residents fear disaster by Nara Crowley & Warren Perrin

NOTE: We added some news following the DNR salt dome hearings. Scroll down to see the items.



5 thoughts on “Mon. News

  1. Holy Mother of God!

    I’ve been trying to ignore Louisianna ever since the Hackenberry sell-out, but I inadvertently stumbled across last week’s flyover:

    Texas Brine’s salty cesspool of death looks like it has proudly claimed maybe three feet of subsistence directly under the original brine sucking facility. When did that happen? That garbage heap was never even *close* to being under water. At the highest water in the surrounding bayou (when there was one there – ask granpappy) it still had a good foot or two on the dumping pond and drainage ditch on either side of it.

    At the :23 mark in the vid, I see they’ve actually had to build up the road across the pad because it sank so much. You have to look real close because they never linger on the ‘bad’ scenes too long. They built up so much fill around the two settling tanks so much that they don’ t even look like the old ones.

    Texas Brine’s ghetto-seismic last year managed to cover up the gigantic fault (crack, bend, whatever…) next to their access road in the caprock showing their whole plant could skid down into the abyss. It looked like all the subsidence was happening out to the West on that edge of the sinkhole. Now it looks like plate tectonics was working its magic underneath them all along.

    Um… Let me guess: Crosstex still hasn’t got around to moving that bazillion barrels of butane out of #1. Not that it will matter much when a few thousand acres of caprock slides over a foot or two. There’s only… what – maybe ten or fifteen active hydrocarbon storage wells stitched to the surface through that plate?

    Underboss Jindal needs to appoint another Blue Ribbon commission to look into what will surely be the largest crawfish boil in history. Whoo-Ei.

    • Your lack of concern for the innocent citizens of Louisiana is appalling but not surprising. It would serve you well to pay attention to the matters at hand, because the historic crawfish boil of which you speak will extend far beyond the borders of Cajun country. Perhaps to a town near you. This situation is bigger than just any ole mess us critters here in the bayou could ever think up. 😉

      • Henning Kemner said if Louisiana ‘snaps off’ the Gulf will ‘splash’ over a mile in depth. I am far away but that tsunami would wipe me out for sure.
        I don’t live on top of Mount Everest!

  2. Of course the radiation is coming from Japan via the jet stream… Read ENE News and species of fish are dying in the Pacific; land animals in Alaska and Canada are being affected, and persons in those areas including airline pilots and flight crews are increasingly showing signs of radiation poisoning… And of course, the dinosaur presstitutes in the mainstream media arent covering it anymore than they are this ticking timebomb at Bayou Corne!!

    Get right with God, because time is short.

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