Lake FUBAR Gurgles Wed. + News

bubbleUP    LA12 shows seeping-sloshing of small fluid movement all morning. They show as rick-tack lines on the chart.

After 10 a.m. something ominous starts up at LA21. It is near the SE corner of Lake FUBAR.

The sloshing stops and there are normal dings and dangs until 11:45 p.m. – then fluid movement again.


Keith M. did some new maps and they are linked on the MAP page.


Southeast LA levee board challenges law blocking ‘big oil’ lawsuit

A south Louisiana flood board has launched a legal fight against a new state law aimed at retroactively killing a lawsuit filed last year over coastal damage attributed to oil and gas drilling.
The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East argues in federal court papers filed Tuesday that the law cannot be used to block the lawsuit. . .

(Note: continuing  news about this flood board saga are regularly on the sidebar in the RSS feed section )

On methane topic – Mysterious Giant Methane Plumes Discovered In Arctic Ocean

Flesh-eating bacteria hits Texas beach community.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Florida Waters – Deadly Plague?

We hope this doesn’t happen near gassy Lake FUBAR! – Fireball explodes producing small meteorites near Lake Weiss, Alabama


NetVibes page helped with this story – 😉

5 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Gurgles Wed. + News

    • oh … yer right. 21 going off … it s near the sunken corner of the berm and too close to the butane ….

    • Guess they turned of the LA10 recorders because they were showing THUMPER effects….Not sure turning them off helps anything…if sesmic activity,its still there. DUH..or is that beyond the mental ability of Texas Brine?

      Hey George..see them there large events on the ‘corder?’ Lets fix it so the land doesn’t fall into the hole. Turn off the ‘corder’ cause if we cant see it, it is fine! Nothing happening. Uh, George…why is there a big hole in the berm?…Uh…where is the berm? Hey..Who lost the berm? George? GEORGE! Why are you swimming around down in the sinkhole? Darn it so hard to find good help…….

      • I think they have a whole other set of charts to look at besides the ones they let us see!

  1. Here is an oddity that was missed. This techno company, Fenstermaker , put water level gauges with monitors all around Lake FUBAR in 2013. They are pretty big. They installed them in Feb. and when they finally did a re-check on on them in July…. 4 of the stations were missing, So they just said, “oh, well…”.
    They must’ve been sucked down like the trees!
    Story & photos:

    Click to access InSAR_Swamp_Based_Reflectors_Report_July_2013.pdf

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