Current Conditions at Lake FUBAR – Rotten

Heli_ANIBig seismic activity + fuzz.


MONDAY – something happened from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – and it isn’t pretty – LA14 shows it.

Mar. 10 – The Louisiana Record Legal watchdog accuses attorneys representing class in Bayou Corne Sinkhole case of charging exorbitant legal fees

“NEW ORLEANS – Attorneys representing residents of Bayou Corne in class action litigation over environmental damage caused by a massive sinkhole in Ascenion Parish are under fire from a local legal watchdog group that alleges they racked up unrealistic and excessive legal fees.

. . . .Court documents show that attorneys representing class counsel in the case documented 8,256 hours of work on the settlement while their assistants and paralegals logged 709 hours. Together, that is a total cost of roughly $1,300 an hour.

The legal fees were granted by the court-appointed special master in the case, A. Shelby Easterly, of Denham Springs-based Easterly Law Office APLC. Easterly lauded the efforts of class counsel claiming they had squeezed over four years of effort into just two years and deserved the fee rate requested.”

NoteThe Louisiana Record has more stories on this racketeering, also see comments above (Wed.).


3.5 quake in south Kansas



Strange SoundsWell that’s really a freeky fallstreak hole floating in San Antonio’s sky in Texas!
A snake cloud? A sign of the nearby apocalypse?And they will tell us it is all natural! Lol!

Jan. video on HAARP melting Arctic methane


38 thoughts on “Current Conditions at Lake FUBAR – Rotten

  1. Related- ????
    Recall that at Camp Minden (see left sidebar ‘Explosions’ button link) they first had a fireball …..

  2. U.S. appeals ruling on size of BP oil spill
    Posted:Sat, 14 Mar 2015 16:16:13 GMT
    WASHINGTON, March 14 (Reuters) – The U.S. government is appealing a federal court ruling that reduced the potential penalty BP Plc must pay for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill by almost $4 billion.
    Not sure if this is the doc or what. It is from the 11th. Haven’t had time to read it.

    UPDATE 1-BP signs $12 billion energy deal in Egypt Posted:Sat, 14 Mar 2015 16:51:54 GMT
    SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt, March 14 (Reuters) – Oil company BP has signed an agreement to invest $12 billion in Egypt that will produce 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent, a joint statement from the company and the government said on Saturday.

    Important NRC deadline coming up on the 24th re rad exposure. Most disgusting yet.

      • You mean the judge? It looks like the US DOJ is trying to come back and hold BP liable. Also, CSB. Nothing will ever repair the damage but watching BP try to squirm out is most revolting. Besides the danger to ocean life, fishing, there are the once white beaches. Someone should really make these people go clean up. Make the nuclear pushers go clean-up WIPP and Fukushima; make past and present BP exec fakes “Lord” Browne, and Dud Dudley scoop bacteria infested and norm-laden tar-balls. Supposed to be working on other stuff but instead started on a Tar ball and feather them post.

      • I am only cynical because of recent cushy deals US made to allow BP drilling rights all over the %$#$@! Gulf for dime store prices. I smell a fix.

      • I wonder almost every day if the US is still a colony, like William Jennings Bryan thought. A jumbo “Black Watch”, military wing, of the City of London. Look at how Congress stabbed the American Indians in the back over the copper mine owned by Rio Tinto in December and other things. Obama didn’t veto. They use the poor people as their soldiers and exploit the environment. Sounds like a colony. I guess it is the colony of international banker, oil and mining interests.

      • I think capitalism is a colossal failure. And I think easy answer is wage and assets cap and redistribute wealth and worker owned industries and end usury. And realize modern war is a banker’s invention and stop doing it. And open some prison doors to make way for bankers.

      • they would be … and another thing … with all this US outsourcing and uniforms made in China etc. etc. … what if there’s a big war and they already closed down the factories in the US and the military supply is interrupted? I am not for war … but these goofs in charge never seem to think ahead!
        Most US food production soon to be in foreign hands too!
        They already own all the terminals, skyscrapers and essential infrastructure … now they will own the farms too!

  3. About that video you have there.
    That blue dotted line on that map that he shows in video that is the top of Oxy -1.
    Where those tree went down in video that almost right there at Ox –1.
    I think those recorders for Oxy -1 is LA-21 and Oxy-9 is LA-14 and Oxy-10 is LA-11.
    Here is the lineup of those Oxy caverns going north Oxy -10 , Oxy -9 , Oxy -2 and Oxy -1.

    • yeah, I think that map is from the Blue Ribbons report or earlier doc. It could be on the MAP page here.
      I was late posting vids because I forgot to check to see if any new ones were out. I added Julie Dermensky’s you tube channel to the sidebar. She reports on the Green Army.

  4. All the Arkansas Helicorders are turn down so low there not picking up anything.
    The Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina is offline.

    LA-12 is only one that pick up that M5.4 – Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 22:47:35 (UTC)
    All the Arkansas , North Carolina and Sinkhole Helicorders

    What about Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina Helicorder that not working.
    What about that mountain ?
    Well for one it over a mile high and you can drive almost to the top of it.
    Your ear well be popping going that high.
    Grandfather Mountain and Ears popping from the Altitude air pressure.

  5. It look like someone was watching your web site.
    Sinkhole in Louisiana Swallows Trees – Caught on Tape 2013
    Published on Mar 15, 2015

    Is there a 2nd cavern getting ready to collapse ?

    • that recent video was from BP Earthwatch … he has that accent. But so many had reposted it I did’t bother to go back and find the original.
      Many watching from many countries what is happening.
      As salt below the Gulf coast gets swamp water gushing in it could spell mega catastrophe soon! Much worse than the Indonesia tsunami. I am far away and the tidal wave will probably wipe me out with everyone else. There’s only so much height around here to run to and it isn’t enough.

      • I am a little above 800 and 1,100 feet above sea level where I live at.
        A little hard on you when you got ice on roads and going downhill.
        I live in the Appalachian valley of Tennessee
        Some call it the Great Valley of East Tennessee
        I am in the middle of the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains.

      • speaking of weather …. that snow up north is melting and already causing flooding around the Ohio River. I hope Boone dam holds out!

      • My e-mail got lost let try it again.
        Boone dam water does not come from the Ohio River
        The Tennessee river flow out into the Ohio River near Paducah, Kentucky.
        Look at the Ohio River

        Now look at the Tennessee river

        Boone dam is right near Virginia and Tennessee line.

      • I know it isn’t connected .. but it has to be impacted by snow like everywhere else. Lots of snow upstream in all 48 states this year.

      • Living in the lowlands what to do make a floating house.
        One solution is to build floating houses that rise and fall with the tide
        I like those Durable Disaster Capsules that people are making.
        Do a search type in Tsunami Survival Pod.

  6. On your comment way up the page. All good solutions which you give. You need to read and listen to some Huey Long – especially appropriate for this blog. Sounds more like his Share the Wealth Clubs. I have to quickly look for the speech. You should listen to Bob Crow’s final speech in Ireland. I used to agree with you re capitalism but I haven’t figured out when there was ever capitalism. It’s (almost?) always been state funded capitalism, often called socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor. Or, state capitalism. There would be no nuclear without subsidies. I just recently read about the Bay of Hudson Company. Also there was a scheme at Lake Megantic. I do think that basic infrastructure should be governmental owned, but closely controlled by the people. I have decided that the biggest problem is corruption. Probably any system could work, if corruption weren’t allowed. The CEO of BP being put in the House of Lords and now has some company trying to frack the UK and bring in some Russian oligarchs to get Scottish oil – to me that says a lot about how the system works. Whatever is government or worker controlled needs to be locally and democratically run. It drives me nuts to see tax payer funded Areva rob everyone and the French parliament can barely force them to accountability. Rosatom is the same. They are also robbing other countries. They are both causing international grief everywhere. A utility could be government owned but tightly monitored by the people. They have no business outside of their countries. Around 25 years ago I finally figured out that Euro socialism was actually that when companies failed they bailed them out by making them public, and then once the companies were doing well, they privatize them, and then once they are failed-run into the ground they make them public again. I think this scam has only gotten worse and been through a few more cycles since then. Also, way back when they gave all of the government subsidies and tax breaks and then the companies stay awhile; wreck the environment and run off. I look forward to reading your book on Venice, but don’t expect it to happen until the end of this year.

  7. Best ever speech. Says it all. I should transcribe it sometime.

    Very relevant. He waged “war” on Standard Oil and got textbooks and roads for Louisiana. People confuse him and his brother who was governor later. Even Huey said that his brother Earl was corrupt and he wouldn’t vote for him.
    Huey says basically that the rich can have a big house and all they can eat but the balance needs to be shared. You wouldn’t let someone run off with all of the food at the barbecue he says. Huey was killed – surely by FDR. Old Huey – a lot more fun than trying to figure out how many Americans the US NRC is trying to give cancer to. It’s 1 in 100 according to the National Academy of Sciences but actually much higher because that’s only gamma and assumes a new 1 mSv per year. Politics rocks compared to this crap but NRC comment deadline is the 24th.

  8. On the alkaline and acid food there is surely merit if it is done right, for healing, protecting from toxins, incl. rad damage; removing toxins from body. When I studied it I found books disagreed but the idea has to be right.

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