On Weather Modification, Hurricane Matthew and the Fall 2016 Louisiana Flooding

Some nagging items on the recent big Louisiana flood and Hurricane Matthew –


The storm that began building in the Gulf of Mexico in August had some real oddities.

Manufactured Louisiana Flood 08-14-16

LINK – http://youtu.be/D1qDiF3n9L0

Some of the rain reports were posted here as well as in the comments to the post.

Then a few weeks later this hurricane took a strange path . . .


Oct. 4Hurricane Matthew Getting Huge

Strontium Milks – Hurricane Matthew Third Eye Latest Track East Coast FL, GA, SC, NC 50 Foot Waves

LINK – http://youtu.be/zjyjdTgeigw

The storm was going to hit land over Jamaica but instead it went west all the way to the east point of Haiti and even then it didn’t go north. It did an odd pause over the the water in the channel gaining strength. Then it smacked into east Haiti.

BPEarthwatch Oct. 2 and 3 videos (many more on the web showing the strange path) —

LINK – http://youtu.be/AOR3hB86_TA

LINK – http://youtu.be/aqgbdFd0ziQ

Do these event have to do with manipulating oil prices, shutting down rigs etc. or dumping all sorts of toxic waste/rad waste under cover of flooding? Is the motive worse than that if they were engineered events?

Nature can take a strange course in the Gulf after the BP Spill and all that Corexit spraying. But those electric plants in the first video don’t look normal. They look like proof of weather modification.

30 thoughts on “On Weather Modification, Hurricane Matthew and the Fall 2016 Louisiana Flooding

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    • I should have posted this all sooner … but I had tech issues here. Thanks for reblogging as the topic is in demand.

  2. I just went to say those of you that live around that sinkhole I should say near that sinkhole
    They turn off all those sinkhole recorder off again
    They keep telling everyone its save in and around that sinkhole but there no flyover of that sinkhole
    There saying take their word for it.

    Salt dome explosion: 20 years later
    Geologist Says Feds Made “Incredible Error” Ignoring Huge N.Y. Salt Cavern Roof Collapse
    January 29th, 2014

  3. This flyover video of that sinkhole was in 2015 I think it was July 27, 2015 On Wing of Care
    That river is Avoca Island cutoff next to that sinkhole he is talking about that river that goes into lake Vettet and from there into lake Palourde

  4. I posted this multi-topic discussion on the FC blog just now but it is of interest to the Bugle readers because it talks about effects of a large earthquake forming an inland sea where the Mississippi River is now.
    That has been a topic here before.

    At 1 hour 49 min. mark:

    So we are not all a bunch of alarmists here. Big hi-tech people discussing the same things we are.
    Oh – and they talk about in a large earthquake some large rivers can run dry very suddenly. Some large rivers are used for cooling nuke plants in the USA.

    • This is serious. I wish he would have spent more time on the topic. It’s easy to see that a small bowl could shift rivers.
      One thing for certain is that if the Mississippi will move course probably through Waterford Nuclear north of New Orleans if it’s not eased over. And, if it’s eased over can it be cooled?

      • Dam failure is a big potential problem like you and FC have talked about a lot. How about it going to the Gulf via Tom Bigbee waterway? So many disasters just waiting to happen. Great maps of the Tennessee River!

      • I never even thought about a quake making a river suddenly dry up. But of course it could happen.
        Plus the commerce and life all interrupted by so many small bridge failures.

      • This dept. (in my hometown) http://www.sws.uiuc.edu/
        has great movable tanks – coffin-sized aquariums with hydrolic lifts that make them slosh. Lots of cool Miss. River water and soil study tools … like mini models with water running down – about ping pong table size – they use to study erosion etc.
        When you are in high school fun to take a field trip there.
        The eng. dept. also has an earthquake simulator – used for materials testing lab, architecture etc.

      • Yes … very serious since we all know nuke plants have a hard time with sudden changes. A hard time with back up systems etc. like when Cooper NPP in Neb. had all that flooding.
        Plus they would probably try and keep a desperate situation secret so people would loose precious time evacuating.

      • I had the back woods of Tennessee to work with from making roads and dams from low to high ground and in the Army I had a course in soil engineering to airfield repair
        Soils that are hard as rock when dry but wet, you’re up to your knees in mud
        One of many books on this

        Click to access fm5_410(97).pdf

  5. The 1927 floods are often mentioned so I looked them up. They started with big systems hitting the previous fall and then the deluge after new year. So be ready if anything is brewing after Christmas. I don’t know if the same systems crossed over the ‘pond’ but UK had its Great Storm the same year and Europe hit too.

  6. I just checked the cameras and drums for our local volcano – White Island – completely engulfed in steam eruption. It’s a huge volcano rising 5000 feet from seabed with only the crater above water. Thing is, we know when it is erupting because we can smell the rotten eggs from 20 miles away.. When hydrogen sulfide was reported at the sinkhole I thought oh oh because here it means volcanic or geothermal source. I read that crude can also contain sulfur so either way I was disappointed that the topic got buried.

      • Thanks, It’s getting hard to find news these days. I follow Hanford, Westlake, WIPP and Fuku as well as Bayou Corne and it seems to be a blackout to some extent. I did see that Waterford had two alerts in the last week or so. Just equipment failures lol, not important apparently.

      • on the lower right sidebar are good headlines from Mining Awareness … lots all over the world. The big new problem is small nukes being sold/pushed everywhere. By GE and Mitsubishi.
        It’s nuts.

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