Texas has Quake Swarm & Booms Across the South

10 Earthquakes Rock North Texas In 25 Hours

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Ten earthquakes, three of them greater than a 3.0 in magnitude, rocked the DFW area on Tuesday afternoon and into early Wednesday, knocking items off of walls, causing cracks to appear in ceilings and generally rattling nerves across the region. . . .

Loud Booms

Lake FUBAR extra active Wed. eve – LA12 shows it


17 thoughts on “Texas has Quake Swarm & Booms Across the South

  1. Recent Earthquake Near Irving, Texas, United States
    I think there a dormant, rifts fault lines in the area from Kansas and Oklahoma to Texas for now.

    LA State Police State & Federal Highway Road Closures

    January 7, 2015
    Just where is the Sunshine Bridge is at in LA.
    4:10 p.m. Sunshine Bridge and Road Closures

  2. Dutchsinse talks a little about the Dallas Frack quakes in this video as well as the unusually high amount of earthquakes around the globe this past week.  Also, the east coast is due for a compensation earthquake.
    1/06/2015 — TWO MORE back to back earthquakes –…: http://youtu.be/pBVlbYoPCRQ
    1/06/2015 — Back to back Earthquakes strike Texa…: http://youtu.be/9zS4yr_LGAo
    1/07/2015 — 6.7M earthquake strikes Panama + Dal…: http://youtu.be/kXbA0ojw0_w

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