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Weekend News & Weather Alert

Ecuador volcano eruptsMAP

We don’t know if the seismic activity on the monitors is from machinery and pumping at Lake FUBAR or from sloshing from all these far away geology events in Chile etc. heli_button

Investment Watch – Louisiana Bayou Corne Sinkhole: Burp, Slough-in

IND Reporter – Green Army pays Robideaux visit

Two reps from the group that calls itself the Green Army say state Rep. Joel Robideaux is dodging calls from his constituents who want answers on why he’s become a “waterboy” for the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. . .

New Orleans Times-Picayune If Legislature forbids levee lawsuits, Louisiana taxpayers will pay the price of coastal repairs: Mark Davis

Something happened at Lake FUBAR after 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. It shows best at LA21.


For Assumption Parish- … Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through Monday afternoon… 


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Lake FUBAR Goes Nuts Tuesday Night + News + Sinkhole has 5,000 ft. Deep Pit

Heli_ANIReally, really nutty seismic behavior on MANY monitors.

Here is LA10-03 – the bottom borehole -





UPDATE - This went on until after 10 P.M. then quieted down.

The most recent info from Crosstex – about the butane in the trembling area:

Report Date – 03/25/2014 – 06:00 am to 06:00 am
Current Operations Status – Normal Operations
-Well #1 – 39,913 barrels of normal butane
-Well #2 – 17,789 barrels of butane


This looks new (!!) – Sinkhole near Bayou Corne sucks down another patch of earth

BAYOU CORNE, Louisiana — The sinkhole near Bayou Corne sucked down another patch of earth as Texas Brine Co. released pressure again from its failed salt dome cavern near the 29-acre swampland sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

Officials say the edge collapse, or slough-in, came five days after six trees in the same area were pulled down into the hole’s watery depths. Texas Brine was releasing pressure from the cavern around the same time. . . .

. . .  it is after the trees falling in and is the same event that was on the Mar. 31 video:

The AdvocateAssumption sinkhole claims another patch of earth

[snip] ” . . .  Scientists have Daffy_Duckdescribed the connection between the sinkhole and the broken cavern as a U-shape. Rock moves down through the  shattered  earth under the sinkhole and into the 5,000-foot-deep breach near the cavern’s bottom inside the cavity and then up the cavern toward its roof. . . .”

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Slough In Event Recorded At The Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Near Pad #3 – As Subsurface Seismic Activity Continues!

Report from The Times-Picayune sent in – Mercury Oozing from old oil & gas fields‏ [PDF]

The AdvocateTexas Brine moves contractors into Bayou Corne homes cry

WIPP bosses = Texas Brine?  WIPP Did NOT Protect Workers or Inform Public About Plutonium Dangers Immediately After Radiation Disaster

Methane oddity: Earth’s biggest murder mystery: Methane-spewing microbe named prime suspect

Louisiana Voice – Whistleblower claims DuPont’s Burnside plant has been leaking carcinogenic sulfur trioxide more than two years < in Ascension Parish

 Same DuPont rich family as this?

Stuart Smith: Stop the polluters from taking back Louisiana




Wednesday News

The 2014 Louisiana session has opened this week. The info to contact your Louisiana rep. is on the sidebar at the art graphic for LEAN. This session will be critical for preserving clean water and protecting aquifers from pollution.

LEAN has a lot of news now on their website.

Energy XXI to buy rival to take on private explorers in US Gulf
• Deal to create largest public producer focused on U.S. Gulf shelf
•Deal worth $1.53 bln

Big (gas) explosion in New York < lots of live coverage now on tv

The parish blog says they are “preparing rolls of geotextile fabric for placement on new south containment berm” … so is this some new berm south of the other new south berm?

WAFB – Texas Brine: New bubble site related to swamp gas, not giant sinkhole  < has video

The Advocate -Sinkhole showing signs of stabilizing, expert says

AP version – Expert: Sinkhole showing signs of stabilizing

New Orleans area: Mid-City sinkhole doubles in size as it goes unfixed

Friday News – Water Festival is Tomorrow in Baton Rouge

REMINDER - MARCH 8 the Green Army Water Festival in Baton Rouge is at the State Capitol Grounds
from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m..

If you care about clean Louisiana water try to go. DETAILS

JPL – NASA Radar Demonstrates Ability to Foresee Sinkholes

The parish blog has an update. Same work, same Code 1.

The AdvocateJames Gill: Industry spokesman doesn’t worry about the facts

Briggs’ pathetic performance

Is Vermilion Parish Sinking Into the Gulf of Mexico?

Carlsbad salt dome nuke disaster — IKK!! Scientists will also eventually begin testing the salt mined in the north mine for radiation contamination. WIPP currently sells the salt to local private industry, including for use as salt feed at local dairies. Franco [of DOE] said he thinks the DOE should be able to continue selling the mined salt.”

Got Plutonium?

Before It’s News – 3 Methane Gas Leak/Explosions In 2 Days, Expect More, Scientists Say

Near Charlotte, N.C. – Several Quail Hollow students sickened at school

“. . . . Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials said authorities were working to determine the cause of the illnesses, but a report from Medic called the situation a “gas leak.”

Charlotte Fire Department Spokesman Mark Basnight told the Observer there was no evidence of a gas leak, and that firefighters hadn’t detected any substance when they arrived. . . .”

Bubble Update From Conservation


Unrelated fer sure (sarc) ….

Hey, look! Acadian Gas is on the job! Last update from them:


This Advocate article makes it sound like Acadian Gas had nothing at all to do with the bubbling discovery. They put out an “update” for Feb. 24 tonight. No mention of bubbles.


At about 4:20 p.m. Wed. all of the helicorders went out for about a half hour. What happened? LA18 shows it well.

DNR  put out an inspection reportCrosstex has a 2 day old “update” . . .


Originally posted on Assumption Parish Police Jury:

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Following confirmation of the new bubble site on Grand Bayou, north of its crossing of La. 70, Assumption Parish Incident Command and the coordinated state agencies have made initial investigations and begun taking action to ascertain the source, including determination of whether scientific evidence supports the likely assumption that it is linked to the gas released by the failure of Texas Brine’s Oxy Geismar 3 cavern, and to ensure public safety.

The bubbling is occurring directly above the area where Acadian Gas recently drilled a horizontal boring under the Bayou as part of its effort to re-route a pipeline to replace pipeline capacity lost when the sinkhole formed. Acadian has already tested its two existing pipelines in service at the same crossing, and found no indication of leaks.
The Office of Conservation and its contracted agent CB&I have taken…

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Bubbling 1/4 Mile Away from Gator Corner < UPDATED

They just had it on the parish blog.  “A new bubbling site has been discovered in Grand Bayou on LA-69, 1/4 mile north of the Gator Corner.”


We take it Gator Corner is the casino east from Lake FUBAR . . .
. . .  use fingers to measure 1/4 mile on this map:



Reader, Walter Coin points out the east edge of the salt dome is near this bubble site. See red line in this map.

Dutchsinse reports on it with background stories.  WAFB News report.


Claims JournalNew Bubbles Could Signal Blast Risk at Louisiana Sinkhole Site

The AdvertiserLa. 70 near Bayou Corne sinking faster, Data suggest area sinkhole could be cause

KNOE CBS News – New bubbles found in Bayou Corne sinkhole

The Watchers – New bubbles found in Bayou Corne-area sinkhole

New bubbling site discovered near massive Louisiana sinkhole

Atlas Obscura – Discovered in 2012, the Bayou Corne Sinkhole is a churning vortex of destruction that has been slowly dragging the surrounding forest into the ground after a massive mining accident.