6 Trees Eaten By Lake FUBAR + Thurs., Fri. News

Bayou Corne sinkhole swallows six more trees [but they claim it's stabilizing . . . ]



See also -  ‘If TEPCO Ran the Salt Cavern Collapse Response

Afternoon update from the parish blog says they are keeping the Code 1 status.

Fridaythe parish blog admits the new south berm is being re-directedEvening update: helicorders still very active Friday night.


KATC – Save Lake Peigneur fights DNR in Iberia court < has video Gulf of Mexico news – US Navy’s “Shock and Awe” Environmental Assault

President Obama to trim methane emissions

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Friday announced a strategy to start slashing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas released by landfills, cattle, and leaks from oil and natural gas production. . . .

Slough In at Sinkhole



Originally posted on Assumption Parish Police Jury:

At approximately 3:45 this afternoon, a burp and slough-in occurred on the sinkhole. Debris is present and floating on the sinkhole and trees near Pad #3 sloughed in. A slight odor of hydrocarbons is present in the Bayou Corne community. As information develops, it will be shared here.

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Big Oil Spill in Texas + Weekend News

Galveston Bay oil spill threatens bird migration

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — Crews were working through the night after a barge carrying nearly a million gallons of especially thick, sticky oil collided with a ship in Galveston Bay, leaking an unknown amount of the fuel into the popular bird habitat as the peak of the migratory shorebird season was approaching. . . .

A barge loaded with marine fuel oil sits partially submerged in the Houston Ship Channel < has photo 

USCG photo

Texas City dike closed after barge and ship collide

As much as 168,000 gallons of thick shipping fuel may have spilled into Galveston Bay after a ship and barge collided near the Texas City dike Saturday afternoon, sparking closures on the waterway and prompting a massive cleanup effort. . . .  < has photos

Big quake swarm off Chile

‘Old’ news getting recycled about Bayou Corne for some reason. NSA pranking the web?


1 P.M. fluid movement at lake FUBAR. It shows up at the LA10 bottom borehole.

St. James Parish – New Orleans Times-PicayuneEPA opposes state air permit for Nucor iron plant in Convent

Some bills emerge as Louisiana Oil and Gas Association favorites -cry Laws would stall agencies’ ability to file lawsuits

Upcoming Event:

Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. & LEAN’s lawsuit against the division of Coastal Management within the Department of Natural Resources will be held on:
Date: Wednesday, March 26
Time: 9 AM  10 A.M.
Place: Iberia Parish Courthouse
300 S Iberia Street, New Iberia
The lawsuit against the state resulted from Coastal Management (CM) granting the permit to dredge contingent on Injection & Mining Division granting the final permit making. We dispute that Coastal Management did not do due diligence by granting the permit.
Try and show up if you can even if just for a short time.


Friday News – Water Festival is Tomorrow in Baton Rouge

REMINDER - MARCH 8 the Green Army Water Festival in Baton Rouge is at the State Capitol Grounds
from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m..

If you care about clean Louisiana water try to go. DETAILS

JPL – NASA Radar Demonstrates Ability to Foresee Sinkholes

The parish blog has an update. Same work, same Code 1.

The AdvocateJames Gill: Industry spokesman doesn’t worry about the facts

Briggs’ pathetic performance

Is Vermilion Parish Sinking Into the Gulf of Mexico?

Carlsbad salt dome nuke disaster — IKK!! Scientists will also eventually begin testing the salt mined in the north mine for radiation contamination. WIPP currently sells the salt to local private industry, including for use as salt feed at local dairies. Franco [of DOE] said he thinks the DOE should be able to continue selling the mined salt.”

Got Plutonium?

Before It’s News – 3 Methane Gas Leak/Explosions In 2 Days, Expect More, Scientists Say

Near Charlotte, N.C. – Several Quail Hollow students sickened at school

“. . . . Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials said authorities were working to determine the cause of the illnesses, but a report from Medic called the situation a “gas leak.”

Charlotte Fire Department Spokesman Mark Basnight told the Observer there was no evidence of a gas leak, and that firefighters hadn’t detected any substance when they arrived. . . .”

Proof Lake FUBAR is Leaking Past the Failing Berm & Thursday News

LINK -  http://youtu.be/miSOFa3t404

And reader, Jec sent this photo in of a useless, sunken boom:


Texas Brine put out a fact-sheet (Jan. 2) saying they have everything under control and the ikk isn’t seeping from Lake FUBAR because of they liner they put in.

Jan. 4 video -

LINK -  http://youtu.be/xiDlN2SW6cI


Story from France on Lake FUBAR < translation – see comment here…

fireradiation   Stuart Smith – Big Oil still poisoning Louisiana with radiation   

Thurs. afternoon all the helicorders shown fuzz like this:

LA17fuzz .  .   heli_button  We’ll have to wait for quittin’ time to see what’s really happening.

DNR has an Inspection Report for today.

Crosstex (butane cavern) has an update for Dec. 28 -


9 p.m. CST - Well past quittin’ time – - – seismos should be all calm now . . .



Wed. News – SO. BERM SAGS – Oily Water INCHES from Topping Berm

Weather map shows lots of rain in the Gulf but local weather report has just a little precipitation at Napoleonville.  The nearby river stages a getting high. MAP

veryactive  .  button_LA12  .  button_LA14

Real Coastal Warriors has this from Texas – Houston: Pipeline Explosion, Fire Near La Porte in Morgan’s Point

LINK -  http://youtu.be/VDSku8i0FaY < turn audio off

New drone testing sites could boost oil industry use < wonder if we could get one of these to video Lake FUBAR?

Chevron shuts in shallow facility [in Gulf of Mexico] after leak

We found a Situation Summary (Dec. 26 date)  from GOHSEP – good for people with a new puppy in the house.  Page 60 has the ‘new’ info from DNR. The map they have of the area is out of date and doesn’t even show the new west berm.

The Weather Channel reported on Lake FUBAR – Massive Louisiana Sinkhole In More Trouble

The Daily Mail [UK] – The sinkhole eating Louisiana: Enormous swamp the size of 20 football fields continues to grow as more residents flee < has video

A building exploded in Minneapolis

oh . . .  and the south berm is sagging!

next    WBRZ - Protection wall sinking around sinkhole .  Helicorders_Oct2013

“Salt water and other contaminants in the sinkhole are inches away from seeping into the freshwater bayous nearby.”


LINK -  http://youtu.be/fQpE7CrGx3Y